the driver who take me home

At this time, I'll tell you guys about my story when I was so confused at the night. It goes like this...
One day, I went to Pussenif because there was a big event a.k.a pensi who held by SMAN 2 Bandung. The event called F2WL: Darani Mareka. It starts from afternoon until night. I went there by grab car with my cousin and my friends. They are Arnett, Mayra, Nazma, Devi, and Nabila. In the beginning, we had a great time. We enjoy the event, we bought some foods and eat it together. There are also some guest stars that performing like Danila, Naif, Sheila on 7, Bara Suara, HiVi!, Mocca, Teza Sumendra, Tompi, Dipha Barus x Kallula, and this event hosted by Chandra Liow&Reza Oktovian.
The tragedy happened when I wanted to go home. At that time, it was a late night. I couldn't contact or make a call with my mom. So I decided to order a grab car and I got the driver. The driver contacted me, he said that he has arrived. But, I couldn't find him. I tried to make a call with t…


Hi, my name is Narisha. I have a best friend, her name is Syafiqa. I still remember how we first met each other in the library. It goes like this...

Narisha: Hahahaha why is she doing that?
Syafiqa: (look at the mysterious girl who laughing beside me)
Narisha: Hahahahahaha I love this story!
Syafiqa: Shhhh!
Narisha: What???
Syafiqa: This is a library.
Narisha: I know. So?
Syafiqa: It means you can't be too loud.
Narisha: Oh yea, I'm sorry.

Few minutes later...

Narisha: OH MY GOD!!!
Syafiqa: What's wrong with you? Few minutes ago you just laughed at the book. Why do you look so sad right now?
Narisha: This book is so confusing!
Syafiqa: What's the title of the book?
Narisha: Syasa the Clumsy Girl.
Syafiqa: Really? Syasa sounds like my name!
Narisha: Yeah? What's your name then?
Syafiqa: My name is Syafiqa. What about you?
Narisha: I'm Narisha. You can call me Icha.
Syafiqa: I think the librarian is going to kick us out of here. Let's go to the canteen!

Me, Myself, and I

Hello! At this time, I'll tell you guys '"all about ME".
   My full name is Narisha Aulia Putri Nurjaman, you call me Narish or Icha. I was born in Bandung, 13rd of January 2002. Now, I'm 15 years old. I have a curly black hair, dark brown eyes, and thin body. I'm a student of 3 Senior High School Bandung. I live in Bandung with my mom and my brother. My mother name is Meity and my brother name is Narend. I love both of them very much and love to spend my time with them.
   When i was a child, i like to play the game like playstation and playing a barbie with my friends. But now, when I'm bored at home I WILL SLEEPING because I VERYVERYVERY LOVE SLEEPING. ZzZzZz. Besides sleeping, i also like to eat VERY much, watch movies/drama until I fall asleep, and listen to music. My favorite food is meatball. My favorite colour certainly BLACK. My favorite movie is Harry Potter, Spongebob, and Barbie. Hohoho.    When i was a child, I wanted to be an actress, a …